Setting Off

On a sleepy Sunday morning, 12 men across a sunny Birmingham awoke with spirits high and spirit levels higher, as a heavy night of celebrating had followed an amazing win at the Voice Festival University Final the previous night. It must be said that the competition at the VFUK final and over the whole weekend was outstanding and it was an honour to perform with such incredible groups. Everyone was so friendly and supportive of every other group and a special shout out goes to our girls over at Sweet Nothings for screaming so loud during our set. Each of the members made their way to Birmingham Coach station, where we boarded our tour bus and waved farewell to one of our beloved alumni, Joe Lane. He has always been a massive support to the group at competitions, giving us valuable comments in our sound checks on performance days.
The bus journey involved some exciting discussions about future business plans for the group including recording a single, producing a high quality music video and purchasing a Semi-Toned barge called “Cash Ain’t a Problem I Know Where It Goes (Ah Doo)”. The plan clearly being to cut on commuting costs for gigs around the UK. Watch this space…
After a quick snack and check-in at Heathrow the group divided into two to take their separate flights. Team 1 had a light jog through terminal 2 to make it to the gate on time while Team B sat back and relaxed before their later flight. The highlight of the flight had to be some spectacular views of the oceanic ice sheets off the Canadian Coast and some tantalising views of Manhattan as we descended to land.

new york ST

Our first sighting of the big apple.

Glacier ST

A short train brought us into the city where Tommy Hamer took control as he revealed that his spirit animal is actually New York. Our first view of the city from the ground was summarised in inspiring quotes such as “It’s big, innit” and “I wish I was Spider-man now.” Some excessively large pizza was a nice way to end the long day of travelling and the two teams were reunited at the hostel before immediately heading to bed for a well earned rest.

Pizza ST


Tomorrow we head off to Boston to meet up with the first of our American groups and to perform in our first tour concert!

– D. P.