Monday morning was an early start for us, made easier by a glimpse of home in the form of the inimitable Megabus. We caught this service’s New York-Boston route at 9AM, and spent the next four hours discussing all manner of topics, including “Is blood vegetarian?”, “How does the toilet work on a bus?”, and “Don’t forget, don’t forget, the Mexican spices”. Much to the appreciation of our fellow passengers we eventually arrived in Boston’s coach station, and made our way via their wonderful subway system to Northeastern University, home of our lovely host group, the UniSons.



Jake, one of the group’s tenors, came to pick us up from the station and showed us around the awesome Northeastern University campus, which dwarfs Exeter’s campus many times over. We then dropped our baggage off at various UniSons’ members’ houses, before heading back to campus and having a lovely meal all together with our new American friends hooray!


Dinner on campus



UniSons rocking ‘Take Me To Church’

In the evening, we performed at an informal gathering outside, alongside the UniSons and the Downbeats, another Northeastern group. Both groups were fantastically energetic and vibrant, with some real wow moments embedded in their sets. Dispersed among the audience were some Exeter alumni who now lived in Boston, as well as Scotty’s parents who had flown out that very morning, and any students who happened to be passing by. It was a lovely first gig to start our tour off in style!


Downbeats in ‘Paradise’

After this, we headed back to the house of Alex, the UniSons’ beatboxer, and had a party like real Americans! Lots of new friends were made, and lots of new drinking games were learnt (with Pepsi for those of us under 21 of course).

Tomorrow we will be exploring the historic city of Boston, and trying to recover from our hangovers. Peace out!

– E. S.