Exhausted from our show the day before, but excited for our next performance, we boarded the bus bright and early to make the three and a half hour journey from Delray Beach to Venice (in Florida, not Italy, much to Ludo’s disappointment). As usual, there was arguing all the way about whether to use the air con or not: Tommy continues to insist that it will completely ruin our voices before the performance, but it’s also SO HOT HERE. For lunch we stopped off at a Walmart – always a treat – and while some of the group opted for the tasty Subway that we all know and love, others opted for the healthier option of a salad bowl… because who knows when we will next see green food again!

Despite the ongoing air conditioning debates, worsened by the smell of Walmart-purchased Cheetos, we soon arrived at the venue. The Venice Performing Arts Centre, situated on the high school campus, exceeded all of our expectations with its fantastic facilities, and boasted our largest capacity venue on tour, equipped with 1,100 seats.

The auditorium of VPAC

Venice High School’s choir ‘Le Voci di Venezia’ sang fantastically to open the show and were the perfect introduction for our performance. Our Venice audience did not disappoint and their enthusiasm and participation in our show made it one of our best yet! Particular highlights include the entire audience standing to join us in our rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, a moving moment which I will never forget, and our lovely audience volunteer Kat when participated in our performance of Bump and Grind. In said song, we select a willing female volunteer from the audience to be serenaded by one of three Semi Toned candidates of her choice: Sam, Greg, and myself. In this show, Greg was the chosen soloist, pushing me and Sam out of the way!

Our elected soloist having his long hair tamed pre-show.

Now even more exhausted after having done two gigs in a row, we made our way to our next hotel, quickly dropped our bags in our respective rooms and hit the pool for a late swim around 10pm in the evening. After our evening dip we relaxed on our hotel balcony and treated ourselves to celebratory drink, talking late into the night. We now have a few days off in northern Florida before we move to Alabama for our next performance in Troy!

Chad x