A bright morning broke in Tampa and despite abhorrent lateness from myself and Westy, we strapped ourselves in for the 5 hour drive to Tallahassee where an evening with our a cappella friends All-Night Yahtzee awaited. We first met All-Night Yahtzee back in our first show of STUSA16, and the four still in the group who are old enough to remember them were excited to return to Tallahassee. For the other ten of us, we were looking forward to meeting them!

This was to be the longest journey we have had so far on the tour and as a result there was a scramble to not be sat in the cramped back seats on the bus. Added to this, the eternal air con battle was still raging in the group, meaning tensions were high for the beginning of the journey.

A stop off at Walmart quelled these arguments by providing much needed food. The size of this Walmart shocked us all – it was huge, which meant we all found something for lunch that satisfied our stomachs and by that I mean we bought cheap, unhealthy snacks. We jumped back in the bus for the second half of the journey and after what felt like forever, we arrived. After being cooped up on the bus, there was some excitable energy on arrival, and some rather over-zealous jumping around ended up in Ludo’s shirt being torn. Rather than leaving it, Henry and Sam took the initiative to fashion the shirt into a new garment.

As we were staying with various members of All-Night Yahtzee, we dropped our bags and went for a lovely (and filling) dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate the birthday of John from the group. Jacob Storey noted the “excellence” of the breadsticks but Tommy maintains they were too salty, so the jury’s out on that one.

It would have been rude to have two a cappella groups together and not sing, so we took a trip over to Florida State University’s campus and performed for each other. All-Night Yahtzee treated us to their jaw-dropping ICCA set (which they will be performing in the finals on Broadway next week!), as well as their most recent single, a version of Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ and other songs that had us on our feet. In return, we performed a few tracks from Strike Three including ‘Crave’ and ‘Bat Out of Hell’. We threw in our versions of ‘Never Too Much’ and the American National Anthem for good measure.

Keeping up the lively atmosphere, we all went back to Valeria’s flat for a social; conversation inevitably involved a cappella, British-American differences, and trying to perfect each others’ accents (with little success).

Soon, we will be leaving Florida – next stop Alabama!

Ryan x