Avid readers of our blogs may have noticed a lapse in daily updates: apologies! Our website was down and we’ve be on the road quite a lot recently so haven’t had much time to write posts. So here is a double whammy of days 7 & 8 to make up for it!

Day 7

After our social with All-Night Yahtzee the evening before, the day got off to a leisurely start. As we had all stayed with different hosts from the group, we were scattered around the Florida State University campus, before reconvening for breakfast. Along with Karly, Valeria, and Anthony (from Yahtzee), we made our way to the Maple Street Biscuit Company for a delicious (if slightly unusual) breakfast of fried chicken and American “biscuits”, which I continue to be thoroughly confused by and deeply disagree with. Despite the ongoing confusion of what defines a “biscuit”, the breakfast was delightful, and was topped off by the staff bringing out some free glazed “biscuits” simply because we were British. After breakfast, we made our way back to Valeria’s, where some people chose to have a nap, others went for a swim, and Tommy insisted on tidying and cleaning her house.

Eventually, the time came for us to depart Tallahassee and say goodbye to our wonderful hosts. Thank you so much to everyone in All-Night Yahtzee for having us: it was an absolute delight to be back at FSU, seeing old faces and meeting new ones. Hopefully we will be seeing All-Night Yahtzee again in a few weeks time when we are in NYC (as they will be there for the ICCA finals), so check back later on to find out!

The bus journey was a predictable one, though with added excitements. The task for the three-hour transit to Troy was to come up with a name and concept for our 2018 Edinburgh Fringe show. Needless to say there was a lot of heated discussion, but this was probably a good thing as it meant we could have the air con on full blast to cool us all down. Sadly I am not able to disclose any of the said Fringe proposals on here; you’ll have to wait a few months for that.

We soon arrived at our hotel on the outskirts of Troy, AL, and it is most certainly our nicest hotel to date. We all settled into our rooms and after a brief break, we headed out for our first taste of Alabama. We found a restaurant just down the road called ‘Santa Fe’, serving up classic American grill. We all tucked in to the wide menu of burgers, steaks, quesadillas and ribs, alongside the typical soda refills. A recurring theme of our US tours is that wherever we go, we are often asked who we are and what we’re up to – and we would usually take this opportunity to plug our local show and our new album. Today, we went one step further, and after the meal we sang the American National Anthem for the waiting and kitchen staff to show them a little bit of what we do. On our way out of the restaurant, we stopped for a photo with a rusty old car (I’m still not quite sure why we did this or what the thinking was behind it, but we all got involved nonetheless).

Then, with eating, singing, and photograph opportunity complete, we headed back to the hotel for a much-needed restful evening. We all convened in one room together and watched pointless YouTube videos for a few hours, chatting away and filming some vlog footage and discussing our highlights of tour thus far. The room captured a wholesome family atmosphere, with all of us bunched into two beds, and it’s really starting to feel like tour now that we’re well into the swing of things. Our third show is up next!

Henry x

Day 8

The bright Alabama sun rose on what was to be a wonderfully lazy morning for the group in Troy. Exhausted after long hours of travelling, we made the not-so-Herculean effort of descending from our rooms in search of a hearty breakfast of waffles, bagels, muffins and other nutritious carbohydrates, all washed down with the sweet nectar of sugary fruit juice.

The only other main activity of the morning was a trip to the pool, where Sam led a few others in a couple of stretches. We all rather underestimated the scorching solar rays, and left the pool at around midday with quite a few reddened faces.

After a quick trip to Popeye’s, we hopped into the bus (temporarily renamed the Trojan Horse) for our third gig of the tour! We couldn’t wait to perform again, having had a 3 day break. Soundcheck was fairly painless, and we were treated to a delicious dinner afterwards! We were also very fortunate to have Frequency (Troy University’s jazz a cappella group) open the show for us, then be part of such a supportive audience afterwards. We even managed to grab a group photo with them afterwards!

We would have loved to socialise a little more, but with a 6 hour bus journey in mind the next day, we retired to the hotel. On to South Carolina!

Ludo x