STUSA2016 Blog 1: Journey to Tallahassee

On a sunny Monday morning, all across England, 14 boys began to stir, a mixed bag of anticipation and eagerness for what awaited them. Poetic introduction over, we all made our way from our various starting points to Heathrow where we divided into our three different flight teams. One quick hop across the Atlantic, filled with many movie viewings, and we all found ourselves in JFK International Airport and managed to get through the terrifying experience of U.S. customs without a hitch. At this late point in the evening, realising our body clocks were still on an even later English time, we made our way to our hotel, where we all enjoyed some colossal pizzas and some well earned sleep.


Flying is fun! Delta team ready to go!

Up bright and early the next morning with bellies full of bagels and French Toast, we made the somewhat convoluted route back to JFK and then on to Newark Airport. We surprised our second bus driver with a short rehearsal, blasting through some of our upbeat numbers, which he sat through impassively, even making phones calls during some which we politely stopped for. Then we sang The Star Spangled Banner, the American National Anthem. Suddenly he became very vocal and made us sing it again so he could record it and told us how in all his time driving no one has ever sung to him before.

Spirits uplifted, we then had to split up again for our flight, but not before a short rehearsal, this time with some choreography, which I’m sure you can imagine attracted some odd looks from the occasional airport employee who found us in the secluded corner of the airport we hid ourselves in. After a short flight to Atlanta, we regrouped for our last bit of flying for awhile, as we boarded the plane together for our final stop, Tallahassee. All the travel went as smoothly as possible and we were picked up the other side by a lovely bus driver. After telling us off for singing The Wheels on the Bus (as she had been a school bus driver for most of her life) we serenaded her with a couple of our more well rehearsed numbers, each being followed by her trying to clap while driving, accompanied by, “That was AWESOME!” She then asked if we knew any ABBA. To her surprise, we did.

So many buses, not enough selfies

So many buses, not enough selfies

A couple of songs later and we were at our hotel. After last year’s tour, which we funded by ourselves and tried to save as much money as possible, we became accustomed to a certain level of hostel accommodation. So when we entered our rooms this year to find beautiful en suites, plush double beds for each of us and access to a bar, pool and gym, we were more than a little happy. After settling in, we met by the pool to discuss some final business and take an obligatory group photo.


Today we are rehearsing for most of the day, as THIS EVENING we have our first performance of the tour, here in Tallahassee to a crowd of around 1,200. Fair to say we are rather excited. Stay tuned to find out how we get on!


Competition Season


Its been an extremely busy start to the year. It all started with an amazing evening of A Cappella, on our doorstep in Exeter at the Northcott Theatre. It was a quarterfinal round for the ICCAs, or the International Championship for Collegiate A Cappella. If you’ve seen Pitch Perfect, this is exactly the competition that the film is based off. A whole FOUR groups from Exeter competed against groups from around the country, which was a real testament to the high calibre A Cappella that this University produces. It was evident that all the groups had been working extremely hard as the standard was incredible. We were very pleased to be awarded first place, which meant we, along with Aquapella, Out of the Blue and the Bristol Suspensions advanced to the next round in London.12509294_1044503295588754_580414694136375457_n

Then in mid February, we made the trip up to London, to Imperial College, for another phenomenal evening of A Cappella. We watched the other groups from backstage on a projector and we all knew that the competition was going to be a close one. For this reason we were extremely pleased to come away with second place, the same result we got last year, but at a much tougher competition. An amazing performance granted the Techtonics first place, who will be heading off to NYC to compete against the best that America has to offer. We had a really great evening, performing alongside the best groups in the country and to such a receptive audience. We can’t wait till next year to have another shot at the title!




ICCAs come to Exeter

Heads up think fast! You can now purchase tickets for January’s ICCA United Kingdom Quarterfinal to be held at the Exeter Northcott. We’ll be competing against some of the best A Cappella groups in the country including the University of Exeter’s Sweet Nothings, Illuminations Exeter and The Bluebelles in the REAL LIFE version of Pitch Perfect!!

Tickets are available here:…/the-international-champion…/

Here’s a video from our last competition.


Our first mo’gress update!

Some mos just don't grow bro...

Some mos just don’t grow bro…

In case you missed the announcement, we’re embarrassing ourselves for the whole of November in aid of the amazing work that Movember Foundation UK does to help men battling prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health issues and physical inactivity. If you can spare just a couple of quid to support this very worthy charity, then please head over to our donation page and give what you can:
Thank you so much! x


movemberAll fifteen of us will be growing out our moustaches in all manner of styles and competency to raise money for the Movember Foundation UK, a charity which helps fund programmes focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

Yes that’s right. Actual moustaches. In our actual lectures, gigs and lives.

We’ll be posting regular updates showing you our mo’gress ( wink emoticon ) PLEASE DONATE at and help spur us on to get through the month!

‪#‎SemiMos‬ ‪#‎Movember‬

Edinburgh Fringe

Check out our video blogs of our Fringe run.

Click on the links to watch.


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We are now in Edinburgh! Much needed sleep awaits us before a massive day tomorrow which includes our first show!

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We’re out and about on the ‘Mile’ this morning – come and say hi!

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We sang at the Voice Festival Edinburgh Showcase this afternoon; I think it’s fair to say that the standard was incredible across the board!

Day 5: Edinburgh Fringe 2015

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Semi-Toned: Game of Tones [TRAILER]

We’re half way through our run at the Edinburgh Fringe…Be sure to book early to experience more of this!

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Semi-Toned: Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Just three shows left!

Day 9: Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Here’s us on the mile earlier today! If you haven’t seen the show yet you’ve got two more days…Or if you have, come again and bring a friend!

Day 10: Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Here’s what some of the audience thought….What did you think?

Day 11: Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Final show completed! See you next year Edinburgh.