• You should certainly expect more than a semi good time from these boys in burgundy.Emily Harris, Exeposé
  • The soloists rock, the backgrounds lock!Guang Ming Whitley, Recorded A Cappella Review
  • ★★★★★ If you like a cappella, see this show. If you like dubstep, rap, pop or rock music, see this show. Essentially, you will probably find something to please you in Semi-Toned’s set list.Charlotte Ivers, Broadway Baby
  • During intermission we were already getting requests to bring them back. That says it all.Christina Tassy, Culture Shock, Miami, FL
  • ★★★★★ If there’s a seat to be had, grab it: if not, stay tuned; these guys are not going away.Richard Beck, Broadway Baby
  • Classy and well executed.Leigh Spence, Exeter Review

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#STUSA18 Blogs 18/19/20/21: The Final Instalment

A note from the Editor: Apologies for the tardiness of these blogs. Consecutive show days combined with time in NYC and a flight back to the UK left no time for blog writing! I hope you enjoy the last (quite long) instalment. H x Day 18: We left the old mining town of Scranton to head to our final state of our 2018 US Tour, New York. Famed for its endless energy it could not be more of a change from the small town of Scranton, PA, and we were all so excited for this final stop. But before we were able to experience the magic of New York City,

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#STUSA18 Blogs 16&17: An Interactive Blog

Day 16: Welcome to day 16! In order to progress onto day 17, you will have to complete 5 unique challenges! Good luck… CHALLENGE 1: Can you crack the code to reveal today’s topic? L _ a v _ n g N o _ f _ _k Did you get it? Give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back if you did, because you just won your first BlogPoint! Being by far the nicest hotel we’d stayed in so far, departing from the Hilton was a sad affair, but it was sunny, and we were loaded with snacks from the show the day before (if you’d thought we’d had

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#STUSA18 Blogs 14 & 15: A Norfolk Holiday

Day 14 We arose bright and early from our very comfortable hotel beds to embark on our three-show day in Norfolk, VA. After an exquisite hotel breakfast early in the morning, despite our exhaustion we made our way to Norfolk Academy where we had our first student outreach (a 45 minute abridged version of our full show) performing in front of the middle school there. We were met with such great enthusiasm by the children of Norfolk academy, and when greeting them after the show they were eager to get pictures and lots of stickers! (Nearly breaking our sticker bank I might add). After a mere half an hour break

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#STUSA18 Blog 13: We’re Back in Norfolk!

The group were woken from slumber early in the day in Wilmington for a long journey to Norfolk, Virginia. No one was awake earlier than Antonio, our hero of a driver, who rushed to the garage at 8am as a tyre had got a nail stuck in it and needed to be replaced. Once this had been done, we hit the road but not without much debate of who shall sit in the dreaded back seats of the bus. The six and a half hour journey passed without much drama, plus lunch at McDonalds and various unhealthy snacks. We arrived in Norfolk with a lot of excitement, as some of

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