Day 8:

After an early breakfast at our hotel and a delayed departure due to finalising our 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Show (which is still a secret – but get excited) we started on our ten hour bus journey to Beaufort, South Carolina. We travelled equipped with an already half-eaten apple pie and various other snacks, generously given to us by our hosts at the Crosby Theatre in Troy to last us on our way.

Our route was more scenic than previous journeys, taking in the picturesque Alabama countryside. In order to capture the stunning scenery for both our own memories and for the sake of the group’s social media, we decided to make a short stop and take advantage of the fact that our Sound Engineer, Will, had brought along his drone.

Scared that the scorching southern sun would burn us if we remained out of the shelter of our bus for too long, the group journeyed on through Alabama and over the state line into Georgia.

For lunch the group split up, half going to TGI Fridays and the other half going to Chilli’s restaurant. We each consumed our respective body weight in food to sustain us on our longest journey of tour, and pressed on for Beaufort.

We arrived at our hotel close to 10pm in the evening, a 12 hour journey if you include rest stops, and a few members of the group promptly went to bed after an exhausting trip. The majority of the group, however, gathered together to share Dominos pizza (not as good as the UK I might add) and watch some TV.

Chad x

Day 9:

A bright day in Beaufort, SC began with excessive laziness as the group had a lie in until 10am, deciding not to brave the sub-par hotel breakfast we have become all too familiar with. Instead, the decision was made to take a trip to the waterfront at Beaufort for an early lunch, to take in the views and to celebrate the birthday of our wonderful President, Henry Edwards, who was turning 21!

Beaufort did not disappoint! It was beautiful and the group made the most of this, walking along the side of the estuary and having a leisurely lunch in Panini’s On The Waterfront (don’t worry grammar nerds, I’m not uneducated, Panini is apparently a name and therefore the ‘s’ is possessive and thus has an apostrophe). It was here that Henry had his first legal drink in the USA – perhaps a little early in the day, but it’s 5 o’clock somewhere… Outside the restaurant, we met someone who was coming to our show that evening, who happened to have a baby goat called ‘Rabbit’ as a pet, which was utterly adorable, as was the puppy it had made best friends with.

We took a stroll along the high street and were amazed to see a traditional American town. It was at this point that we came across a store with our poster in their window. We got chatting to the store owner and upon request, performed the American National Anthem for her and passers-by in the street. It went down well, we even got applause from a family sat in a car across the street! We decided to reward ourselves with Frozen Yoghurt (or Fro-yo as the youth are calling it).

We rushed back briefly to our hotel before departing for the University of South Carolina and our venue for the show. Upon arrival, we found a lovely note for us from the venue attached to some treats to remind us of home, including liquorice, hob nobs and toffee!

Set up and soundcheck went swimmingly and there was a real buzz among the group. We had high hopes for the show but they were met by our amazing Beaufort audience who made it so much fun for us. Pat on the back for Tommy for pronouncing ‘Beaufort’ correctly (‘Beaufort’ like ‘beautiful’), as we were helpfully informed we would have been booed off stage if we had pronounced it any other way.

After the show, we came back to the hotel and after some final casual celebration for Henry’s birthday, we went to sleep in preparation for the drive to Aiken in the morning.

Ryan x