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Semi-Toned at the Edinburgh Fringe

August 25, 2017 Edinburgh, UK


Time : 17:05
Venue : SpaceTriplex Big
Address : 19 Hill Place
Zip : EH8 9DP

Semi-Toned, the burgundy-blazered winners of BBC Two’s The Choir: Gareth’s Best in Britain, jump out of the TV to bring you a vibrant new show. If you want some Beyoncé, stay tuned. If you want some Bublé, stay tuned. In fact, if you want any music ending in an acute é, stay tuned. Having recently returned from their third tour of the USA, the group are famed for their jaw-dropping vocal acrobatics and their wide array of music. You may have seen them on the telly, but now you can see them for real!

Semi-Toned: Stay Tuned is a brand new show by the group following on from their previous successes of Sing Theory, Game of Thrones and Toned Up. It promises more of the same style that audience’s love but with new exclusive material, funky new dance moves and a whole host of new sketches and speeches to wow audiences old and new. Plus, you’ll get a chance to meet Semi-Toned after the show and buy some of their sought-after merchandise and CDs, only available in person!

Their Edinburgh Fringe show runs every day from 14th-26th August excluding Sundays.