• You should certainly expect more than a semi good time from these boys in burgundy.Emily Harris, Exeposé
  • The soloists rock, the backgrounds lock!Guang Ming Whitley, Recorded A Cappella Review
  • ★★★★★ If you like a cappella, see this show. If you like dubstep, rap, pop or rock music, see this show. Essentially, you will probably find something to please you in Semi-Toned’s set list.Charlotte Ivers, Broadway Baby
  • During intermission we were already getting requests to bring them back. That says it all.Christina Tassy, Culture Shock, Miami, FL
  • ★★★★★ If there’s a seat to be had, grab it: if not, stay tuned; these guys are not going away.Richard Beck, Broadway Baby
  • Classy and well executed.Leigh Spence, Exeter Review

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Semi-Toned on Sing: Ultimate A Cappella

We’re SO excited to finally announce that we will be appearing on Sky 1’s brand new show ‘Sing: Ultimate A Cappella’, hosted by the wonderful Cat Deeley. This brand new competition is the first ever TV show in Britain to focus solely on a cappella and features 30 groups from across the UK and Ireland. You’ll see us in Episode 1, airing on Friday 6th October at 9pm. Make sure you tune in! #SingOnSky

STUSA17 Blog 21/22 : End of the Road

So, after seven states, 12 performances, and countless McDonalds’, we arrived in Richmond Kentucky for our final gig of the tour. We could see the university from a mile off, with its huge campus, and, when we arrived, the arts centre certainly didn’t disappoint. As had become second nature after three weeks, we piled into the venue and sought out the green room for snacks and wifi. There’s a lot to be said for the more intimate venues that we’ve played on tour, but there’s nothing quite like walking out onto the stage of a university theatre with its tiered balconies and thousands of seats for the first time. It’s

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STUSA17 Blog 19/20: Kentucky Khaos

We rose at a relatively normal time, for once, and clambered onto the bus for a hopeful 11am departure to drive to Kentucky. Yet again, we made the mistake of giving Ed Jillings the single room available and as such he was invariably nowhere to be seen at 11 o’clock. Many people were still merry from the previous evening’s social with Count Me In. In a futile attempt to help, Alfie offered Sylvan a chocolate croissant. However this was to no avail and the stodgy pastry was swiftly spat out onto the pavement outside the bus. We eventually settled in for what was the longest bus journey of tour so far.

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STUSA17 Blogs 17/18: Oops it Happened Again….

On Wednesday morning we rose early, with a complimentary breakfast of waffles and bagels at our Cedar City Hotel. Some of the boys had stayed up quite late the previous night getting less than an hour of sleep, which they would regret for reasons soon to be revealed. As Elio had to drop off our trailer and bus early in the morning but our flight was in the afternoon, we had a fair amount of time to kill in the airport. So we did what any reasonable group of young men would do. We built a fort out of our luggage, and we named it “The Air Fort”. We decided

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